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  • Please transfer according to the account number provided on the order page. We will update it from time to time. Don't enter it wrong


    Description of exchange steps of SFchanger.com

    The varieties supported by the SFchange.com  cover a variety of mainstream e-wallets / currencies. There are Perfectmoney, Advcash, Payer, Skrill, NETELLER, WEBMONEY and USDT on our website. In addition, more varieties can be exchanged through the customer service network, such as various bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and all varieties supported by the coin-exchanger, as well as euro, pound, ruble and other currencies, Or suggest the exchange direction you need.


    * Paypal\paxum\epay\qiwi\yoomoney is currently not supported


    Open SFchanger.com, you can click the middle icon at the top to switch language.


    Exchange method / steps:

    1 The design of the website is very intuitive, including all the information on the home page. First click to select the variety in the "sell" column on the left, which is the variety you hold, and then select the variety in the "buy" column on the right, which is the variety you want to exchange.

    After selecting the varieties, fill in the amount you need to exchange in the table below the "exchange rate calculator" on the right.


    You can either fill in the amount sold or the amount you want to buy first. If the amount in the upper and lower boxes exceeds the minimum and maximum range, you need to adjust it according to the following steps. Then fill in the wallet address you redeem (buy variety), not the address you send (sell variety).


    After filling in the order, click "exchange" to enter the next step.

    Tips1: the actual convertible amount depends on the maximum amount and the convertible reserve of the currency. After you fill in the form, you can automatically calculate the required or target currency amount on the home page according to the exchange rate marked in small characters. You don't need to click next, and then you have to go back when changing the variety. convenient!


    Tips2: except that the purchase of usdt requires identity authentication (upload the identity document after registration and inform us to pass in time), the rest can be exchanged as tourists. However, please fill in the correct contact information so that we can contact you in case of an accident.


    2 Click "exchange" and an order form will appear. Click "confirm" after checking. You will immediately receive an email containing the order information.

    Click "confirm" to submit and go to the next page after the order takes effect. You need to complete the payment / transfer within 20 minutes. This page contains the receiving account number of SFchanger.com.


    3 At present, the website is a manual operation. You need to open the website or app of the payment wallet to complete the payment. Then click "I have completed offline pay" and we will receive the background notification to start processing the order.


    Tips3: if you accidentally close this form, if you are a registered user, you can call it out in the background order record; If you are a tourist, you can ask for help through the customer service window on the website. Of course, you can also create an order again.

    The order can be completed within 10 minutes within normal working hours. At this point, the exchange is completed, and SFchanger.com will send an email to notify you after the completion.

    Matters needing attention:


    1. Weekends and holidays may be delayed. If it is late at night, it may be the next morning.
    2. Skrill\Usdt has certain particularity, so there are certain requirements on the minimum and maximum amount of exchange.
    3. As alipay & wechat risk control is increasingly strict and often restricted, it no longer supports convenient methods such as code scanning and mobile phone number transfer. If you have enough time or exchange frequently, you can add friends before transferring.
    4. If the receiver account  is restricted or the account is abnormal during the transfer, you can notify the customer service to immediately change the standby account for you; If it is a risk prompt, you can try again, and the transfer may be successful.



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