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  • Please transfer according to the account number provided on the order page. We will update it from time to time. Don't enter it wrong


    1.The order has been paid. When is my wallet going to be recharged?

    The transfer of funds to your wallet is performed almost immediately(2-20 mins). If it did not happen (within 20 minutes), check the status of your application in section “Exchange transactions” of your account. Note: For Skrill, we may use C2C for trading, so it will take a longer time. If there are no errors, please, contact the support service in the section “Online assistance”. Please note that the processing time may be extended during non-working hours, weekends and national holidays.

    2. when I pay CNY,Alipay prompts "the other party has been unable to collect / reached the limit" or wechat prompts "the other party's account number is abnormal and the transfer cannot be completed temporarily" and other similar messages, so I can't complete the transfer. What can I do?

    This situation is usually encountered by both Alipay and wechat. At this time, you can contact the website customer service to provide you with another alternative account for Alipay and wechat. You don't need to cancel or re order the order. You can pay according to the account replaced by the customer service. If you want to place a new order, you can also cancel the previous order.

    3.Is it possible to cancel an application?

    A completed application is nonreversible. That means that by this application your funds are nonrefundable. If the application is paid but not completed, you have a possibility to return your money (less transfer commission fees charged) by e-mailing the support service from section “Online assistance”

    4.Can I pay directly according to the last collection account record?

    You can do it only through the application on the website. Because our collection account may often switch, direct payment may fail.


    5. Will the SFchanger charge a handling fee for the order?

    Each wallet may have different handling fees, but the transfer costs for most of our varieties are included in the exchange rate, so no additional fees will be deducted.

    6.I entered the wrong wallet number for receiving funds. What should I do?

    Unfortunately, you cannot cancel a confirmed payment. If you enter our account number incorrectly, you pay to the wrong place, and we do not receive the payment, we will not execute the order to pay you.

    Or, you have successfully paid us, but left your wrong collection account number, and we have completed the transfer to the wrong account number before correction. The responsibility lies with you. Apart from limited assistance, we cannot guarantee that you will recover the loss. Be careful.

    Therefore, please be sure to double check the wallet address filled in (please copy and paste our collection account number and your collection account number to ensure that you do not manually enter the wrong account number). The loss caused by the wrong account number shall be borne by the fault party.


    7.What kinds of e-wallets does the SFchange.com support?


    The varieties supported by the SFchange.com  cover a variety of mainstream e-wallets / currencies. There are Perfectmoney, Advcash, Payeer, Skrill, WEBMONEY and USDT on our website. In addition, more varieties can be exchanged through the customer service network, such as various bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and all varieties supported by the coin-exchanger, as well as euro, pound, ruble and other currencies, Or suggest the exchange direction you need.

    * Paypal\paxum\qiwi\yoomoney is currently not supported


    8. Why is skrill's exchange limit so high? How to exchange below the limit?


    Due to account reasons, we do not want to provide frequent transfer services, so we set a threshold. When you need a small amount of skrill dollars (still do not accept an amount below 20 $), please contact our customer service. However, you need to accept several conditions: 1. There is a different and more expensive price from the website; 2. The longer waiting time may be tens of minutes to several hours; if it is some non integer amount, it may be longer.


    9. Why do other people comment that the exchange is fast, but mine is very slow?



    Because it is a manual operation, it is inevitable that some are fast and some are slow. Maybe you have encountered the following situations, a, on weekends, our customer service also needs to rest, and will not respond to orders in a timely manner, b, customer service is not a robot that can stay in front of the computer at all times, and sometimes go out to deal with other things, c, mobile phone network is not good Well, for example, in an underground supermarket or parking lot, order information and customer consultation cannot be seen without the Internet, d, preparing dinner or late at night, e, due to software, there is no order notification or prompt sound on the mobile phone or computer. Regardless of the above reasons, we are temporarily not working. Please judge our possible state from the time (GMT+8 time). We are sorry and powerless for the delay.

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