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    What should I pay attention to when exchanging pm/skrill/advcash/usdt

    SFchanger will share with you the problems that occur in your daily exchange and the precautions:


    1. PM exchange:


    1) When filling in the account number, we have a format prompt, which means that the US dollar is the account number starting with U. some users have omitted to fill in U, or filled in the user number (that is, the user number at the time of login), which makes us confused. If we wait or ask the user for confirmation, it will delay exchange, so please be sure to comply with the format prompt when filling in.


    2) It is common to fill in the wrong account number. Difficult to find one digit missing or wrong when entering manually. Therefore, it is recommended to check carefully or copy and paste to ensure that there is no error.


    3) PM transfers are occasionally delayed, especially when a large amount is sent from an unverified account. The delay can be dozens of minutes or a few hours, so in this case, we can't confirm the arrival in time. Only to wait. Please understand.


    2. Skrill exchange:


    1) Skrill strictly controls the risk of accounts, and is also sensitive to the use of personal accounts for commercial purpose. Therefore, we have certain requirements for the amount limit and exchange frequency. Therefore, please do not transfer small amounts of funds into the same account many times a day. Sometimes we temporarily restrict the exchange of skill for this reason.


    2) If you need a small amount of money, you can buy it privately through customer service. It is through a third-party transfer. The timeliness cannot be guaranteed, and the exchange rate of a small amount will be relatively high. If it is online shopping, those who can be replaced by PM, WMZ and usdt can consider these three kinds of payment.


    3. Advcash exchange:


    when filling in the account number, do not add a space between the numbers to disconnect, such as u123456789012, do not fill in U 1234 5678 9012


    4. After the order is confirmed, please don't click "payment completed" first. Some people will try to see what happens. In fact, we are subject to the payment received. If we don't actually receive it, no anything will happen. If you have completed the payment, don't forget to click completed to confirm, because if you don't click the paid, we won't receive the notice, which may delay the processing time of the order.


    5. At present, identity authentication is only used for “sell CNY buy USDT”. Please upload the front of the ID card (the front side). We will check the payment account (including Alipay and Wechat) with the name on the ID card and confirm it as oneself. If you want to pass the certification quickly after submitting it, you can inform our customer service. At present, other exchanges can be made as “Tourist”, but we recommend you to register as a “Member”, because after the opening of our member discount plan in the future, a discount will be given according to the accumulated exchange amount of old users.


    6. Please pay attention to the normal exchange time: 9:00 to 23:00 Chinese time, which will actually be extended a little. However, it is obvious that 24:00 to 7:00am belong to sleep time. Please understand if you are used to staying up late. Exchange during non-working hours is also welcome, but please help yourself and wait without disturbing or urging. As a foreigners, please pay attention: GMT+8 means Beijing time. don’t look for us at the chat-window,thank you.


    The above content will be updated from time to time.


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    Gostaria de saber como fazer uma transferência da minha conta scrill para a perf

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