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  • Please transfer according to the account number provided on the order page. We will update it from time to time. Don't enter it wrong

    Sfchanger Payment/Purchase Agency For You

    We solve the worry of not having a local account for you!


    Whether you need CNY to purchase Chinese goods or make payments, or you need an e-wallet in USD to pay for overseas shopping or labor costs, when it is inconvenient for you to make the payment yourself, SFCHANGER.COM will purchase and make the payment on your behalf.


    The wallets we support include Perfectmoney, Payeer, ADVcash, USDT, WMZ, Skrill, Alipay(CNY), WeChat(CNY), You just need to follow the normal exchange process and communicate the purchase and payment information with our customer service, and we will complete your requirements for you.


    • For purchase:  Please send us the website address, product or service link, specifications/quantity/amount for which you need to pay.


    • For Payment:  Please send us your payee name, account number or contact information, and we will contact you to confirm payment details, or log in to the website account to make the payment for you.  * for webmoney payment you can provide a QR code


    About service fees:


    For payment in CNY, we will charge an additional 3% service fee.(minimum 7$),while for payment in USD, an additional 2% service fee will be charged(minimum CNY 50¥).


    Application examples:


    You need to purchase something worth 5000¥ (including total postage) on Taobao.com/China. If you are willing to choose USDT payment to us, you can "sell USDT TRC20/buy AlipayCNY" on our website and pay us 729.93U+3% commission fee (minimum 7$) according to the amount on the order and the USDT wallet address, totaling 751.83U. Just fill in your phone number in the wallet address bar, click on "paid" after payment, and then inform customer service of the information, quantity, and mailing address of yours. We will send you a screenshot of the order completion and shipping information, and you can track the shipping information yourself.


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    This is the best and fastest exchange website, well done guys, thank you for you

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    Gostaria de saber como fazer uma transferência da minha conta scrill para a perf

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