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    Tips for compliant use of Alipay and WeChat accounts (required)


    As we all know, due to the increasingly strict national control over Alipay WeChat, accounts are often restricted (unable to collect, unable to pay, and limited collection and payment), which brings inconvenience to businesses and customers. How to use Alipay WeChat scientifically and rationally?


    1、 The funds transferred (between the bank card and the bank card) should not be transferred out immediately. For example, if the bank card receives a sum of money, if it is transferred out through Alipay or WeChat payment within a short period of time (24 hours), the other party's Alipay or WeChat collection and payment functions will be restricted. It can be understood that the rapid transfer in and out across the UnionPay system will be regarded as a change and trigger the risk control. So please think twice before you transfer money.


    Generally, some occasions that strictly require the review of fund flow also required remain in the account for more than a certain time, that is, there is no transfer of large amounts (more than 3000 CNY) in the past 3 to 7 days, which is an effective way to eliminate professional illegal acts; For non high risk occasions, there should be no large amount of transfer in and transfer out at least within 24 hours, which is a strict requirement of the bank. The use of funds in bank cards through Alipay and WeChat also has relatively strict risk control.


    2、 Avoid transfer between late night (usually after 12pm) and early morning. Even normal small payment may be limited to the account of the payee. I hope that some users who buy goods in the early morning can pay attention to this.(especially for foreigner,please note the GMT+8 time)


    3、 Do not use remote payment methods such as scanning QR-code (collection code), mobile phone number payment, and password red envelope with strangers in different places. Although it is convenient to do so, these methods tend to make the transaction object unspecified and may be used for illegal purposes, which will be considered sensitive by the system. Therefore, it is safer to transfer money through account.


    The above summary is not complete and accurate, but only some rough experience. I hope you can use it legally and legally to avoid the account being used to transfer suspicious funds from other sources, which will affect your life. I wish you all a smooth and happy life!

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