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    Our Exchange Advantages (Guide to Using This Site)

    Our Exchange Advantages (Guide to Using This Site)



    To be honest, the exchange of Perfectmoney, Skrill and CNY is our focus, and we are also working hard to realize the exchange between various e-wallets. Although it is not easy to automatically exchange CNY legal currency, our manual operation is still very efficient and fast for you Process the order.


    [Easy to get AlipayCNY and WechatCNY]

    Due to the good interchangeability of WMZ and CNY, in the direction of WMZ to AlipayCNY, as a WM official certified exchanger, we have a good reputation. You can exchange any amount you need anytime, and complete the order in time. This is the WM’s official platform can't do.

    As a foreigner who has economic ties with China and needs CNY, he can exchange WMZ for AlipayCNY to complete purchase payment in China (of course, you need an Alipay wallet).

    If you are a foreigner working and living in China, you also know how convenient it is to use WechatCNY!


    Of course, we also welcome you to exchange WMZ with Perfectmoney, PAYEER, ADVCASH, and USDT. Since we are a newly established exchanger, we have not yet been listed on Bestchange.com, but please note that in some directions, we can provide Top ranking or better rate.


    [SKRILL exchange with advantage rate]

    In addition, we provide you with 500$(minimum)/single SKRILL dollar exchange through C2C method, at an attractive rate. That is, we also welcome you to exchange Perfectmoney, PAYEER, ADVCASH, and USDT for SKRILL. C2C saves us costs and can provide a relatively better rate. It may not be very timely in terms of timeliness, but can be tolerated, right?


    [Use USDT to exchange or sell safely]

    As a hard currency in the exchange field, USDT is also welcome, whether it is used to exchange WMZ, SKRILL, or sell withdrawals as AlipayCNY/WechatCNY, please rest assured that when you receive CNY, our source of funds comes from ourselves or the family's account is clean, we are as alert to dangerous funds as you are. Usually, we do not accept QR code payment, which can avoid unknown funds. If you want, you can start with a small transaction, and if you feel safe, you can specify a fixed account.


    If you think the above is helpful to you, please forward it to let your friends know. If you have a large number of cheap e-currency, you can try to see if there are exchange opportunities on our sfchanger.com.

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    Gostaria de saber como fazer uma transferência da minha conta scrill para a perf

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